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Safety and Security Film Services in Colorado Springs, CO

3M Ultra Safety and Security Films are high performance Safety and Security window films. These Safety films provide personal safety and security from natural disasters, Bomb blast, vandalism and theft. They are designed to deter or prevent intruders form gaining access to your home, office or school. The Ultra Series film is a multi-layered polyester, tear resistant film that holds together glass fragments when a window is shattered or broken. This Process helps deter smash and grab crimes and will give you the peace of mind that you have that extra line of defense.

An example of our safety and security film in Colorado Springs, CO

3M Ultra Safety and Security Film

  • Ultra Technology offers 42 micro-layers of strong tear-resistant safety film
  • Provides added protection against smash-and-grab burglaries
  • Prevent or deter intruders from gaining access
  • Conserve energy, protect interior, reduce glare
  • Available in Clear Safety Film or with tinted sun control option

3M Ultra Prestige Safety & Security Window Film

  • Combining 42 micro-layers of strong, tear-resistant Ultra Safety Film with the added advantage of the Prestige Series sun control ability
  • No change to the exterior of the building
  • Prevent or deter intruders from gaining access
  • Blocks heat by rejecting up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays

3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems

  • System bonds the filmed window to the frame with an adhesive or profile option
  • Attachment systems are designed to keep the glass safely in the frame and add another line of defense
  • Provides a higher level of protection

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