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High Country Window Tint offers a wide range of window tinting services to Colorado Springs and surrounding areas including Monument, Pueblo, Falcon, Woodland Park, Durango and surrounding areas of South Central CO.

We proudly provide the following services:

Home Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

Car/Automotive Window Tinting

Decorative Window Tinting

Contact us and ask how we can improve your unique space, whether its home windows, your kitchen, bathroom, office, or storefront.

As mentioned above, we specialize in home, commercial, automotive and decorative tinting jobs. We use the highest quality tinting film for our jobs and are trained professionals who you can trust to do the job right.

Window tinting is more than just the darkening of a window to make it more attractive. While it does provide good looks, quality tinting provides protection from the sun, reducing glare, heat and saves you money on energy bills. Whether you are in your car, home or office, your windows are the barrier between you and the outside world. They are also the weakest link, until now. Another layer of protection for your windows in the form of tinting film can be a valuable one. We use the highest quality window tinting film here are High Country giving you the enjoyment of these benefits for years to come.

One of the reasons we are able to offer such quality is because of the film we use. High Country uses 3M film that is known around the industry for it performance, durability, and style. Our tinting film helps reduce energy bills, particularly when it comes to cooling. It also helps with glare reduction, taking away that annoying glare on your television set. We also offer decorative film, as a stylish addition to bathroom windows, pantries, or shower doors. Many Colorado residents are also turning to tinting film for safety purpose. 3M films have been known to reduce the likelihood of your home or car being broken into.

For more information about all of our services, call our trained window tinting professionals locally in Colorado Springs; we serve Pueblo, Falcon, Monument, Durango and surrounding areas of Colorado.